Spotlight Science: Brain Power event was a HUGE success!

Bell Museum

MnDRIVE Brain Conditions teamed up with the Bell Museum to host a fun brain themed event on November 5th from 10 am to 2 pm. The Visitor Services team reports that we had 847 guests visit on Saturday -- a VERY busy day!  It was neat to wander through the building, seeing all the brain hats, and watching all our volunteers engage the visitors in great conversations and hands-on activities related to brain research and sharing expertise in brain science. We had multiple tables set up for this fun-filled day.

MnDRIVE Brain Conditions's table had a prize wheel that guests could spin to win a MnDRIVE Brain Conditions swag item. We also provided brochures with information about the program and current funding opportunities at the University of Minnesota.

Children's table had fun brain hats that were labeled with the different brain regions of the brain. Attendees could pick out brain themed coloring pages to color at the various activities tables that were set up in the area. Guests could also play fun brain teaser games and get brain tattoos.

Black in Neuro/MINDS table had fun activities that rotated throughout the day. Guests could pin an axon on a neuron and draw what they thought a scientist looked like. MINDS scholars had other fun activities set up involving their brain research projects.

Go4Brains table promoted this fun summer program and the Department of Neuroscience Graduate Program.

Neuromodulation table featured neuromodulation techniques and treatments for brain and neurological conditions. They had hands on demos of specific equipment that is used (mainly noninvasive neuromodulation techniques) to treat a variety of conditions.

Human Brain table displayed human anatomical materials such as whole brains, split hemispheres, and spinal cords. Guests could learn about areas of the brain and how these areas function.

Brain Zoo table had a variety of animal brains and skulls featured. Our volunteers organized fun games and activities as well as educate the public about certain animals and brain functioning.

There was also special showings of the Bell Museum original planetarium film, Mysteries of Your Brain, that took place in the planetarium at 10:30am and 12:30pm. The show was recommended for audiences 8 years and older. Drs. Janet Dubinsky (Department of Neuroscience) & Cheryl Olman (Department of Psychology) helped create this film back in 2020.

About the show: Mysteries of Your Brain takes you on an immersive, animated adventure into the human brain, exploring how the brain works and what makes human brains so special. Your tour guides on this journey are a curious girl and her crow companion—together you’ll zoom along the paths of neurons, fly through brains and experience illusions on a grand scale. You’ll learn how your brain makes you you and that, ultimately, we each have the power to change our brains.

Thanks to special guests: UMN Department of Neuroscience, MnDRIVE Brain Conditions, UMN MINDS Program, UMN Department of Psychology, and UMN Clinical Neurosciences