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Current Events

CNE Seminar Series

  • 3/23 - James Hope &  Matt Rhynes, Kodandaramaiah's lab - TBD
  • 3/30 - Kyle Lillis, PhD - TBD
  • 4/6 - Shanie A.L. Jayasinghe, PhD - TBD
  • 4/13 - Sanjay Balaji, Parhi Lab - Classifying Subjects with PFC Lesions from Healthy Controls during Working Memory Encoding via Graph Convolutional Networks
  • 4/27 - Rachel Hawe, PhD - TBD
At any time, you can view the schedule at this webpage from the CNE website:  If at any time you feel that you cannot find the seminar zoom, it will always be streamed at regardless of the speaker.
If you plan on attending the seminar in-person, lunch will be provided at 11:30am. Please remember to fill out the lunch request that will come out with the weekly announcements.


Ongoing Events:

Herman and Darrow

Tune into the Craniotomy Podcast!

Peering into the minds of those on the edge of cognition and neuromodulation.

MnDRIVE Brain Conditions Neuromodulation researchers, Drs. David Darrow (scholar) and Alexander Herman (researcher) have put an amazing podcast together focused on neuromodulation. They have invited guest speakers for each episode.  

Check out their Craniotomy podcast below:

Herman Darrow Lab Craniotomy Podcast

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Herman Darrow Lab